About Us

Who We Are:

We are a team of dedicated professionals based in Vancouver, BC.  We ensure healthcare providers are able to deliver essential services to patients.

What We Believe:

Porton Health is founded on the firm belief that everyone, irrespective of race or geographical locations, deserves access to a timely and affordable opinion on health issues, critical health diagnosis, or a treatment plan.

What We Do:

We provide telehealth medical services for health care providers looking to move their practice online or expand their services to include telehealth with customized options. We offer patients the option to access their own providers or a certified provider in a timely manner at no cost and without having to install or purchase any software or hardware, via a seamless process which provides savings on travel and wait times at the doctor’s office. Our platform is the perfect solution for providers and patients located in geographically challenged areas with limited access to care.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to facilitate  critical interactions between healthcare providers and patients through easy-to-use components of our interactive audio, video and text platform. Our platform also provides appointment scheduling interactions as well as document exchanges and teaching aids, which are all intuitive and easy to use with minimum technology requirements, installation or downloads.