Book App

Reduce workload for your MOAs and increase patient retention with a seamless online booking experience 

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Improve Clinic Workflow

Increase bookings, accept new patients and make to access your clinic services effortless through online booking. Allow your MOAs to free up time spent on taking phone appointments, and more time with patients. Likewise, the automatic reminders our Book App sends your patients will help reduce the chance of no-shows.


Book App Integration

We provide a white-label platform to conveniently implement online self-booking for your patients on your existing website. Have the ability to customize the look and contents of our booking application to suit your clinic’s needs. Also, our application is integrated with OSCAR to allow your clinic to maintain all its vital records and files when making the switch.

Grow Your Patient Network

Accommodate bookings from out of province to anywhere in the world with the Book App’s embedded time zone management system. The high scalability of our Book App can handle an unlimited number of patients a day, so feel at ease when your clinic expands the number of new patients taken in. 

Make Appointment Booking Stress-Free

Our Book App saves time for your MOA’s, reduces patient no-shows, and is simple to integrate and use to lower the workload for your clinic. All our apps and packages are OSCAR integrated to allow your clinic to maintain all its vital records and files. Additionally, our platforms have 24/7 customer support with our team of experts, as well as being HIPAA, COPPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR compliant.