Clinic Package

Connect multiple providers and MOAs all under one integrated digital platform

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Improve Management Workflow

Support multiple providers and conduct simultaneous virtual consultations to get through more patients in a day. Clinic administrator can view and edit provider listings and queue to better manage workflow. Our Package also allows your clinic administrator to view convenient analytics and reports from their providers to bolster transparent communication.


Save Time And Money

All provider’s in your clinic have access to the full features from our Virtual and Booking App. Allow your providers to have virtual consultations with patients effortlessly in a secured room with the ability to accept payments and file share among many other features. Your MOAs and patients will also save time with the integrated self-booking and automated reminders of our Book App.


Expand Scheduling Control

Easily setup the types of services and availability of each of your care providers with the scheduling features of our package. Organize a daily/weekly/monthly schedule for specific providers and see all upcoming appointments with patients to assist in giving more control of your clinic’s schedule.


Enhance Transparency Within Your Clinic

The Clinic Package will strengthen communication within your clinic by having the ability to track providers and view reports and analytics to adjust your clinics strategy when needed. All our apps and packages are OSCAR integrated to allow your clinic to maintain all it’s vital records and files. Our platforms have 24/7 customer support with our team of experts, as well as being HIPAA, COPPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR compliant.