Exponential Growth in Telehealth

The telehealth industry has been growing very quickly throughout the pandemic. This is due to the necessity of people needing access to healthcare when many providers had to close their doors.

The Reasons for the Exponential Growth

1) increased consumer willingness to use telehealth

2) increased provider willingness to use telehealth

3) regulatory changes enabling greater access and reimbursement (Bestsennyy et al., 2021).

The use of Telehealth has grown 38 times since before Covid-19. It had a peak in April 2020 with it being used 78 times more often than in person appointments (Bestsennyy et al., 2021). This industry will not be slowing down after Covid-19. The necessity of telehealth during the pandemic has given the whole industry a push to join the 21st century (Orr, 2021).

“According to CB Insights (via Fierce Healthcare), telehealth investment reached a peak at $4.2 billion in 139 deals for the first quarter of 2021, which is almost double of what it was last year, at the same time.” (Orr, 2021).

Doctors used platforms like Zoom and other health specific software to communicate with their patients. These platforms are not medical devices (Orr, 2021). Other platforms incorporate other advanced technologies like virtual and augmented reality which helps patients with various anxiety disorders. Many other virtual medical devices are being brought to the healthcare market.

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