FAQ: Getting Started

Completely switching over to telehealth isn’t an option for me, how can Porton Health’s products help me?

We have many products to help you better manage your workflow. For example, our appointment booking product can greatly reduce the workload of MOAs by providing a way for patients to make appointments online and showing up-to-date availability that they can choose from. Our patient check-in product can also help you manage the patient queue easily and reduce the number of patients in the waiting room.

Can I try Porton Health’s products first before making a purchase? / Do you offer trial packages?

Yes, we offer a Simple Package that can help you adapt to telehealth and its benefits.

Is there EMR integration? / Do I have to integrate my EMR?

EMR integration is optional. Our products are designed to work independently but EMR integration is suggested to increase productivity and improve workflow.

What EMRs are accepted?

Currently, OSCAR EMR works best with our products but other EMRs are also accepted.

Do I need to install anything to run Porton Health’s Apps? / Do patients have to download any applications to use Porton Health’s products?

Our products are web-based applications that do not require any installation for any users.

What equipment do I need to set up?

A computer (laptop or desktop) or smartphone, integrated or external microphone, integrated or external web camera.

How much does Porton Health’s services cost?

Please contact us for more detail.

Does Porton Health use third party vendors?

Yes, Porton Health uses Twilio for sending SMS to patients for automated reminders.

I am currently using a different telehealth company, is it hard to switch over to Porton Health?

 Please contact us directly for switching over from another telehealth product. 

Does Porton Health have a mobile app?

We do not have a mobile app, but our apps are designed to be mobile-friendly. You can access the apps through your mobile device’s browser.

Where is Porton Health available?

Porton Health is expanding services to countries in phases. We are presently in Canada and Nigeria, while we finalize services in the UK and South Africa.

Can I reuse email addresses when creating accounts?

No, your email address verifies your identity and should only be used by you.

Is there some way I can offer suggestions/improvements?

Absolutely, send us an email with a request!