FAQ: Virtual Clinic

 My video froze or did not load. What do I do?

It could be a connectivity issue. Check your internet connection. If the issue persists, please contact Porton Health or try using a different communication method (e.g. different device or phone call).

My provider/patient is unable to hear me but I can hear the provider. What do I do?

Please try checking your microphone. Go to your device panel or settings to ensure your microphone is functional. If you still have issues, try a different communication method, reschedule your appointment, or in urgent matters, contact Porton Health.

My clinic doesn’t have a website, can I still do video calls with my patients?

You can easily conduct video calls with your patients by providing them with your virtual clinic’s link. This link will bring your patients to a Welcome page and will work with or without website integration.

How long does it take to set up my virtual clinic? / How long will the transition to Porton Health’s products take?

The complete registration process only takes a few minutes and you can start consulting with patients in as little as 15 minutes.

Does the provider need to start the virtual appointment before the patient can enter?

Patients can enter the waiting room of the virtual clinic using the link provided to them up to 5 minutes before their scheduled appointment time.

Can I collect payments virtually with the virtual clinic?

Yes, patients can pay with their insurance or credit card.