Here’s How Online Scheduling/Booking Software Can Save Money For Your Clinic

With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and the hint of a second wave of COVID-19 approaching, medical clinics and providers are being financially stretched thin with a reduction in patient intake and an increase in expenses. The use of an Online Scheduling or Booking Software can offer huge cost savings and work efficiencies for clinics during this challenging time.

What online booking does is to help clinics organize their tasks and get people together at short notice for various activities. Whether it’s a clinic manager or a medical office assistant, most types of scheduling software are an advantage, since they will assist in keeping track of patients, allow scheduling appointments at short notice, keeping track of important tasks and documents that pertain to your clinic’s current and future activities, and much more.


Take for example Providence St. Joseph Health, a not-for-profit health care system operating in seven states in the USA.  Of the more than 100,000 appointments last year for its Express Care services—on-demand virtual, clinic and at-home visits—more than half were scheduled online. “Consumers love it, and it lets us save money by not having someone who has to do it manually,” said Aaron Martin, chief digital officer at Providence St. Joseph. Each appointment booked online saves the system $3 to $4, and doing the math is fairly simple: That’s about $300,000 or more saved (Arndt, 2018).

Additionally, Dr. Joe Kvedar, vice president of connected health for Partners HealthCare said, when patients show up for their appointments, there are potential areas for cost-saving too. By using online booking software, there’s less need for front-desk personnel. That doesn’t necessarily mean layoffs would follow.  Our volumes of new patients continue to grow, and we haven’t hired as many people as a result of having online booking (Arndt, 2018).

By switching from phone or in-person appointment booking, clinics are able to benefit through cost savings, reduce workload for staff, and an increase in patient retention among many other benefits. To put it simply, a good scheduling platform could help you save thousands of dollars for your company in the long run and improve workflow within clinics.




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