How Telehealth is Helping Children with Autism

Telehealth is helping children with autism have more control over their time because of the convenience. Children miss less school and have more time for other activities. The ease of scheduling of appointments virtually benefits the children by having appointments with the same doctor consistently (U.S News, 2021). This is important because then the doctor is familiar with the needs of the child and has created a connection.

Preparing for virtual appointments is key. Firstly, a step that can be taken is to plan out the appointment and pinpoint when the child can take a break. Secondly, parents and providers should also discuss the goal of the appointment and decide the outcome. Thirdly, the parents should explain how the appointment will happen and what it means to do it virtually.

Another thing that should be taken into account is the physical atmosphere of the appointment for the child. Most importantly, the child should be comfortable sitting in an area for the duration of the appointment and have any fidget toys they require to focus (N.A., 2021).

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