How Telehealth is helping the LGBTQ+ Community

Telehealth is helping the LGBTQ+ community connect with healthcare professionals in a safe manner. The pandemic removed many important relationships that helped this group protect their mental health.

“In addition to academics, schools are a place for students to socialize. When the pandemic hit, classes moved online to keep students and staff safe. Unfortunately, some protective factors, such as peer relationships and the presence of mentors, were lost in the process. (Fu, 2021)”

Porton Health is developing the new MeetApp which can be used to meet doctors for checkups and diagnosis. We update our products frequently to provide the best service for our clients and their patients. Patients can use our secure video conferencing software that requires only an Internet-connected computer and a webcam. The LGBTQ+ community can safely connect with trustworthy providers and grow healthy professional relationships.

To learn more about how to implement telehealth properly or how Porton Health’s virtual care system works, email as at


Fu, M. (2021, August 9). Creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students through telehealth. eSchool News.