Telehealth helps receptionists increase productivity

Telehealth helps receptionists increase productivity

Why receptionists can get burned out

Receptions are essential to a well performing clinic. Therefore it is essential that receptionists are able to perform adequately. However, sometimes, receptionists are bombarded with tasks which leads to them being too overwhelmed to work. Receptionists are the ones that answer all the phone calls, and handle tasks like appointment bookings and checking patients in. Moreover, the receptionist has to deal with any complaints customers have. This is because they are the ones at the front desk, and they are the ones that are easiest to get access to (Adams, 2020). Due to all these tasks they have to do, it is natural that they feel overwhelmed with tasks, and this leads to less productivity and burnout. Telehealth helps receptionists manage these tasks in many ways.

How telehealth helps

Telehealth helps receptionists manage their time better and ultimately decreases the chances of burnouts. With telehealth, patients can book appointments online. Due to this, they do not need to call the receptionists or approach their desk to book. While some patients will still prefer to book appointments with the receptionist, telehealth reduces that number and makes it more manageable. Furthermore, telehealth allows patients to check in through their device. Because of this, patients are not dependent on the receptionist to check them in. Since telehealth helps receptionists with these tasks, receptionists can avoid a burnout and focus their energy on less assignments.

Why Porton Health is the right telehealth choice

Porton Health’s BookApp is an application that lets patients book appointments virtually without needing help from a receptionist. It is simple to use for both the patient and the provider. Furthermore, Porton Health has a separate app for checking into appointments known as the CheckinApp. With this, patients can check in for their appointments before the scheduled time without needing the receptionist’s help. Both products are simple to use, and they are OSCAR EMR integrated.

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