Simple Package

A free, simple, and fast application to get connected with your patients digitally

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Instant Consultation

Conveniently setup and provide a clinic URL for patients to join your virtual consultation. Patients can test if their device’s microphone and camera functions are working ahead of time to reduce delays and speed up appointments. Healthcare providers, MOAs, and patients can also send any required documents via chat box to enhance the check-up experience.

Improve Clinic To Patient Relationship

Streamline consultation by making virtual meetings with patients a breeze. The simplicity and convenience to set up and conduct virtual meetings will improve patient retention and satisfaction. The added chat feature allows providers and MOAs to ask and answer questions before and during a call to avoid any miscommunication.

Flexible Consultations

Give yourself and your patients flexibility by having a virtual consultation on your platform of choice, whether that would be on a computer, iOS, or Android device. Healthcare providers, MOAs, and patients also have the added convenience to receive browser notifications and view meeting history.

An Intuitive And Free App To Start Virtual Consultations

Our Simple Package is a secured, user friendly, and powerful tool to get you connected with patients for an instant virtual consultation for free. All our apps and packages are OSCAR integrated to allow your clinic to maintain all its vital records and files. Additionally, our platforms have 24/7 customer support with our team of experts, as well as being HIPAA, COPPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR compliant.