Solo Package

A comprehensive virtual clinic and online booking portal to give your patients the digital care they deserve

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Full Virtual Clinic

Receive the full virtual consultation experience with our Solo Package. Offer enhanced flexibility for your patients by allowing virtual meetings in either LD, SD, HD video or through voice-only calls. Have the added benefits to accept payments, screen share, take screenshots, file share documents, teleprescribe, and more to save time and increase your services as a care provider.

Save Time When Booking Appointments

Included in this package is our online booking portal that can be integrated into your existing website. Allow MOAs to spend less time taking phone appointments, and more time with other patients. Additionally, the automatic reminders our Book App sends through WhatsApp, Email, and SMS can help your clinic reduce the chance of no-shows.

Improve Digital Workflow

Providers and MOAs can see all upcoming appointments in the dashboard to improve their scheduling organization. Healthcare providers and MOAs can also set daily/weekly/monthly schedules, view meeting history, and set what appointment types are available for meeting with patients to enhance transparency.

The Perfect Package To Kick Start Your Digital Clinic

The Solo Package is perfect for getting your foot through the door into offering your patients a full virtual care experience. All our apps and packages are OSCAR integrated to allow your clinic to maintain all its vital records and files. Additionally, our platforms have 24/7 customer support with our team of experts, as well as being HIPAA, COPPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR compliant.