Telehealth enhances the patient experience

Telehealth enhances the patient experience

The rising expectations of patients

Healthcare has been continuously expanding due to technology. With healthcare’s capabilities rising, so are patient expectations. One of the more common complaints with patients is that the experience is not as simple as they would like it to be (Postelnicu, 2019). This struggle can be attributed to many factors. For instance, it can be quite difficult to schedule an appointment because typically, a patient calls the clinic, and has to schedule the call completely through the phone. It is also sometimes a struggle because patients need to attend a medical clinic far from their homes and this can be difficult as some may not have access to transportation. 

How telehealth enhances the patient experience

With patient expectations rising, clinics need to find a way to adapt to their needs. Telehealth is a perfect solution as it enhances the patient experience. Telehealth mitigates the inconvenience of scheduling an appointment through the phone because with telehealth, patients can schedule an appointment online with ease. Online booking removes the wait time through the phone, it has all the dates set up so they can choose quickly and it removes the chances of miscommunications occurring. All these factors ultimately lead to an easy experience for the patient. Furthermore, with telehealth, patients can meet their provider virtually from their own home. This alleviates the issues of transportation. Both these factors are two of many that ease the patient experience.

Why Porton Health is the right telehealth choice

Porton Health’s BookApp is an application that allows patients to book appointments virtually. It differs from other online booking applications because it is easier to use in terms of its layout. Furthermore, Porton Health’s MeetApp is an application that allows patients to have meetings through virtual methods. Both products are simple to use and they come in flexible packages so the clinic gets the features they need only. Moreover, Porton Health ensures convenience as there’s no additional hardware or software needed aside from a device with browsers and connection to internet. Setup is also convenient and can be done remotely. With the features they elicit, Porton Health’s various products ensure convenience for the patient and the clinic. While telehealth enhances the patient experience, the right provider can ensure telehealth is used as efficiently as possible.

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