Telehealth helps clinics efficiently use supply space

The supply space issue at clinics

Clinics provide an essential service for people, and due to this, it is important to maximize efficiency. While clinics run efficiently right now, there is room for improvement in how resources are allocated. One prominent issue that clinics face is allocating their supply space efficiently. Most clinics reserve a room for each patient regardless of whether the patient needs to be in contact with the doctor or not. This causes issues with efficiency because these rooms could be allocated to other patients that actually need them while the patients that do not need them can have appointments conducted outside of these rooms.

How telehealth helps clinics with supply space

When clinics utilize telehealth, patients can have appointments from their own home. This ultimately conserves space, and the patients who truly need physical interaction with their doctors are the only ones who need to attend the clinic. Telehealth also helps clinics by allowing more appointments to be conducted at a time. Oftentimes at clinics, there are more doctors available than there are available rooms. Due to this, some doctors do not have anything to do at their clinic. However, now that appointments with less needed physical interaction are done online, these clinics can use their staff as efficiently as possible.

How Porton Health helps

Porton Health’s MeetApp is an app that allows patients and providers to have meetings through virtual methods. To properly function, all the app needs is a device that can connect to the internet whether that be a computer, a phone, a tablet or a laptop. Patients who do not need to have any physical interaction with their doctors can save their own time by having appointments from their home while clinics can maximize efficiency by saving space for patients that need the interaction.

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