Telehealth insights for Telehealth Awareness Week

Jones Day is a law firm that has a variety of different practices including healthcare and life sciences. Due to healthcare being one of their more renowned practices, their digital health team dedicated Telehealth Awareness Week (September 19 – 25) to providing their followers with insights on digital health care. While they mainly focused on highlighting the legal protocols, they also highlighted other insights on telehealth that were worth noting. They also discussed how these aspects of telehealth are performing right now and how they could be improved.

A significant point they highlighted was that for telehealth to be efficient, the software being used should be HIPAA compliant. If it is not, the provider will have to regularly monitor said software to ensure it is following the HIPAA requirements. This is an important insight because not only is following HIPAA requirements essential to making patients feel safe, but it is also a legal protocol. Jones Day views most telehealth software as HIPAA compliant, though they feel some could perform better in that regard. Moreover, their insights briefly touch up on how telehealth allows providers and patients from completely different regions to connect. This helps alleviate other barriers for the patient so they find a provider that suits them, and the providers are paired with patients that are satisfied with their service.

Jones Day provides an important point with their insight on being HIPAA compliant, and consequently, Porton Health has software that is HIPAA compliant. Due to this, the providers do not have to regularly monitor the software and ensure that it follows these requirements. Furthermore, Porton Health’s BookApp allows patients to book their appointments with doctors that are best suited to them, and the MeetApp allows them to have a virtual meeting with their providers in order to avoid the travel distance.

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