Telehealth is Helping Independent Medical Practices Grow During COVID-19

Many small businesses suffered due to the restrictions put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Telehealth has helped independent practices treat their patients with the help of connected health programs. This is reducing the notion that independent practices are being absorbed by larger health systems.

“A new report from Kareo finds that more than half the practices saw patient visits stay the same or grow in 2020, and three-quarters expect to see growth in 2021. In the meantime, the telehealth adoption rate among practices jumped from 22 percent in 2019 to 41 percent in 2020 to 80 percent at the end of that year” (mHealthIntelligence, 2021).

Independent practices are crucial to communities. Studies show that they provide higher quality of care for patients. Telehealth has helped these practices improve how they provide their care by decreasing office-based delays.

They “provide a greater level of personalization and responsiveness to patient needs, they have lower average cost per patient, fewer preventable hospital admissions, and lower readmission rates’ than larger or hospital-owned practices” (mHealthIntelligence, 2021).

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