Telehealth kiosks help maintain social distance

The need for kiosks in healthcare

Healthcare has been at the forefront during the pandemic, but many patients have been wary of seeing a professional due to the uncertainty involved with being in close contact in the waiting room. There is a risk every person takes when walking into a clinic or hospital due to the limited space needed for social distancing. There is a greater chance of catching COVID-19 in high-impact areas where people are getting treated for this infectious disease. These areas have been overcrowded as frontline employees are working diligently to treat those who are positive. This leads to social distancing being not as feasible, which allows for the disease to transmit easier. Telehealth kiosks have become increasingly widespread and are critical to maintaining social distance. 

How telehealth kiosks help prevent the spread of the disease

Telehealth kiosks allow healthcare workers to see patients virtually and provide the same level of care as seeing them in person. These kiosks can be placed in any public place such as hospitals, schools, community centers, airports, or pharmacies. This availability allows those in rural areas to be seen by licensed professionals in a timely and efficient manner. Telehealth kiosks are an affordable option that limits face-to-face contact and are used for teleconsultation or as a digital pharmacy. These kiosks allow patients to speak with a professional using audio and video and are typically equipped with tools to monitor vital signs such as blood pressure. By directly connecting patients with doctors without the risks associated with COVID-19, the product limits the spread significantly and proves its value in the healthcare sector.

Why Porton Health is the right telehealth choice

Porton Health’s commitment to ensuring every person has access to a professional opinion on health issues highlights our determination to prevent the spread of the disease for everyone regardless of location. Our kiosk platform, known as Check-InApp, reduces the need for patients to wait in line because it allows them to check in virtually through their phone without any physical contact. It also allows patients to complete check-in/screening documents to prepare for their visit. The app saves valuable time for the patient as well as the clinic or hospital. Our application helps patients see a provider from the comfort of their homes, which takes the risk of physical contact out entirely, unlike going to a location as other kiosks offer. Our platform allows providers to choose from various packages to give them the flexibility needed to solve any ongoing issues.

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