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Find a simple, easy, and flexible solution to satisfy your clinic’s needs, whether that would be implementing virtual appointments with patients, or speeding up the scheduling process by offering online booking

Simple Package

This is a trial package for providers who want to see just how helpful our MeetApp can be for consultations.  Easily sign up for free with no commitment and start consulting right away!

Apps Included:

Solo Package

For providers who want to have instant virtual consultations, as well as provide patients with a portal for appointment booking, these features can be embedded onto your healthcare organization’s website.

Apps Included:

Clinic Package

For clinics that want to connect patients, providers, and MOAs under an administration account for increased productivity and workflow management.

Apps Included:

Comparing Our Pricing Plan

FeaturesSimple PackageSolo PackageClinic Package
Room URL
Text Chat
Intake Forms
Waiting room
Patient Queue
EMR Integration
LD/SD/HD Video LD Video Only
Browser Notifications
Room Passcode
Edit Waiting Room
Whatsapp, Text & Email Notifications
Appointment Booking (BookApp)
Meeting History
Video Only Calls
Provider Listings
Provider Queue
White Label

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