Telehealth provides equality in healthcare

Telehealth provides equality in healthcare

Equality disparities in healthcare

Healthcare is essential to everyone and is needed for society to function well. However, while healthcare is great, there are some factors that make it more beneficial to some over others. For instance, the distance can be an issue to many as they may not be located near any clinics. Furthermore, some people do not even have access to a vehicle which makes a clinical visit even harder. Even if they do have a vehicle, it may not always be safe as some may be living in subpar weather conditions that make driving a risk. Another common issue is that some people have doctors that they prefer due to reasons such as speaking the same language as them, but they may need to see a different one due to distance. While many of these issues are prevalent in healthcare, telehealth provides equality through many methods.

How telehealth provides equality in healthcare

Telehealth provides equality in healthcare by combatting many of these issues. While driving was one of the more prominent issues, telehealth ensures patients can have their appointments online from their homes. Due to this, people that do not live near any clinics can attend appointments virtually. In addition, people who are unable to access a vehicle also do not need to struggle to get an appointment. Finally, patients can get with a clinic that suits their specific needs – telehealth ensures that patients anywhere can access your clinic regardless of distance ensuring they get the clinic they need. All these factors demonstrate equal access to healthcare for anyone.

Why Porton Health is the right telehealth choice

Porton Health’s MeetApp is an app that lets patients have virtual appointments. This not only allows for the benefits above such as saving distance and not needing to drive, but it is also user friendly for both the patient and the provider. The interface is simple to navigate, and it provides users with many features such as voice chats, video chats, the ability to share documents and it lets them know how long it will be until their appointments. There are no additional downloads or hardware needed – all that is needed is access to the internet and the latest browsers.

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