Telehealth provides safer healthcare visits

Telehealth provides safer healthcare visits

Safety issues in healthcare visits

Visiting a clinic in person has always been the traditional method. However, while it has been effective over the years, it does come with its flaws. One major concern is the safety issues that stem from visiting a clinic. It is easy for germs to spread especially at a clinic because lots of the people visiting clinics are sick. One study conducted by University of Minnesota School of Public Health found that if a patient visits their patient care provider and said patient care provider had worked with another patient that had the flu within the previous two weeks, the patient would have a 32% chance of getting the flu as well. This is one of a few examples of how visiting a clinic in person can be unsafe. However, telehealth provides safer visits through many methods.

How telehealth provides safer visits

When appointments are done through virtual methods, patients are in a safer place. This is because the patients do not need to physically interact with their patient care provider, and this does not allow germs to spread. Alongside that, patients also do not need to drive to the clinic. Driving could have been an issue in the past because there is always potential for accidents – especially when in a rush which is how patients often feel when heading to clinics. Ultimately, telehealth provides a safer experience due to the above reasons.

Why Porton Health ensures safety and convenience

Porton Health’s MeetApp allows patients to have their appointments conducted online. It is simple to use for both the patient and the provider, and all it needs to run is connection to the internet, a device and the latest software. Patients can not only have a safe experience from their home with Porton Health’s MeetApp, but they can also have an easygoing experience that leaves them just as satisfied as they would be when using an in person method of appointments.

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