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In the digital age, the way patients book medical appointments has evolved significantly. With online booking systems, the convenience of scheduling healthcare visits is just a few clicks away. Over the past five years, Porton Health’s online booking system has been supporting healthcare providers to offer hassle-free booking options for patients. Based on the influx of appointment bookings, we’ve analyzed booking trends over the last three months to determine when patients prefer to book online appointments. Below, we detail these findings based on the day of the week and the time of day.

What Day of the Week Do Patients Prefer to Book Online?

Our data reveals distinct patterns in online booking behaviors throughout the week. Here’s a closer look:

Day of the week online appointment booking trends

Monday: The Rush Begins

Monday stands out as the busiest day for online bookings. This spike is likely due to health concerns that arose over the weekend. Patients experiencing discomfort or illness from Saturday and Sunday seem to prefer addressing these concerns promptly by booking appointments first thing on Monday.

This pattern mimics the phone system demands in most primary care offices and suggests a concentrated effort to resolve health issues early in the week. This time also happens to be the time when healthcare practices phone lines are at their busiest.  As a healthcare provider, providing an alternative option for patients to schedule their appointments is very important.

Midweek Drop

After the rush on Monday, there is a noticeable decline in the number of online bookings. Tuesday through Thursday experience a steady drop-off in booking activity. This trend might reflect the fading urgency people feel about needing a quick appointment as the week progresses. Many patients may prefer to handle their health concerns at the beginning of the week, thereby avoiding issues lingering over to the weekend.

The Weekend Lull

By the time the weekend arrives, online bookings are at their lowest. Patients prefer to relax over the weekend or could potentially be preoccupied with non-work-related activities. The dip can be attributed to people focusing on relaxation and leisure activities, pushing thoughts of medical appointments to the background in order to spend time with loved ones.

What Time of Day Do Patients Prefer to Book Online?

Analyzing the time of day reveals interesting trends about when patients are most likely to book appointments.

Time of the day online appointment booking trends

Early Morning Activity

Most bookings start coming in a bit after 6 am and peak at around 9 am. This pattern shows that patients prioritize their health concerns first thing in the morning, likely planning these around their work or daily routines. Early morning booking activity reflects a common routine of addressing essential tasks at the start of the day.

Afternoon Decline

As the day passes noon, there’s a gradual decline in the number of bookings. This trend can be attributed to patients becoming engrossed in their work or other daily activities. Consequently, health concerns may be postponed or overlooked during the hustle and bustle of the workday.

Late Night Surge

Interestingly, there’s a noticeable increase in bookings between 9 pm and 10 pm. Patients seem to reassess their health status at the end of the day, choosing to book appointments before heading to bed. This late-night reflection period shows that evenings could be a crucial time for healthcare providers to capture additional appointment bookings. Which emphasizes the need for healthcare providers to offer online booking.

The Convenience of Online Booking Outside Normal Hours

One of the standout benefits of online booking systems like Porton Health’s is the flexibility it offers patients. Our data shows that almost 49% of appointments are booked outside normal clinic hours, including weekends. In a survey by BMC Health Serv Res. 62.5% wanted either an out of hours clinic or a weekend clinic booking option.

The convenience of online booking cannot be overstated. Allowing patients to book appointments outside regular office hours means accommodating their schedules and needs better. It reflects a patient-centered approach to healthcare.

After-hours and Weekends

Given that nearly half of the bookings occur outside typical phone hours, it’s clear that patients appreciate the flexibility online systems offer. This feature is especially beneficial for those with demanding work schedules or other commitments during standard office hours. Additional resource


Data gathered from the Porton Health online booking system sheds light on the evolving preferences of patients. From the rush on Monday mornings to the early morning peaks and late-night surges in bookings, an online booking system offers unparalleled convenience. Understanding these patterns enables medical practices to optimize their services, ultimately meeting their patients’ needs more effectively.

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